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Feels is a zine about feelings.

What do you feel? How do you express it? Oftentimes, we feel things we cannot articulate. Feels delves into the earnest and raw expression of emotions, presenting feelings – those of our own and those of others – for you to absorb, digest, and connect with. Through a variety of mediums, we want to bridge the gap between those felt and those expressed. From those you can’t describe to those you never knew you had. Come feel with us.

Brain nourishment! So often we dull our feelings for the fear of not being understood. But we all have these feelings and Feels zine is a good way to remember that, help you grow as a person, and understand your feelings!

Carley Saye, contributor & friend

You guys have created such a beautiful thing. For me, the best medicine for my mental illness is connecting. The only place I ever felt completely connected in a way I needed was a mental health facility that I lived in for a few months.. your book reminds me of that connection, so thank you, so so so much.


"Every piece in this zine is written and/or illustrated beautifully, and the ideas are very thought-provoking. I have anxiety myself, and I found that I could easily relate to the authors’ experiences, as well as learn from them. My favourite part of this issue was the interview with Jessica Tan, specifically when she explains that, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, “emotions are viewed as forms of energy; they are not bad or good.” That perspective really intrigued me, and brought me an enormous sense of peace. I look forward to reading the next issue!"

Muirgen Baker on Feels issue 01

"The best Feels Zine yet. Absolutely gorgeous work by the contributors and the curation and design keeps getting better and better."

Sean Browne on Feels issue 03