About Us


Feels was born in the summer of 2016 after a trip to the Toronto Art Book Fair and the inspiration found in the supportive small-press community. Being in an extremely social-media heavy world, the co-creators had seen and experienced their fair share of curated online life and wanted to create an alternate way of sharing our lives and experiences with one another. The mission for Feels was clear: create a safe place for people to express their most honest and raw emotions and, in turn, foster an open dialogue about some of the most sensitive feelings, striving to unlearn the the lessons that have taught us to only share our highlight reels. Feels believes that there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ feelings; the value of feelings comes from how we each relate to and experience them. The first issue, Issue 01: Anxiety, launched January 13th 2017 at Black Cat Artspace.

Feels releases three issues yearly- January, May and September.