Anger Poetry Zine

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Through the exploration of anger, poetry materialized as the mode of choice for many souls delving into the expression of a universal yet deeply nuanced and personal emotion. In seeking to create more spaces for viewpoints and stories, we present you with this dedicated short book of poems, Anger: A Poetry Zine by Feels.

We hope you take the time to sit with each piece individually, explore the book as a whole, and feel inspired to conceptualize expressions of your own feelings in new ways.

Nicholas Tristan, Priyanka Saju, Loti, gillian cott, Kristen Zimmer, Latiana Blue, Annie Davies, Zoe Guttenplan. Guest edited by Maxine Vardy.

• 20 pages
• 4.25" wide by 7" tall
• one colour risograph print
• saddle-stitch binding