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We are currently accepting submissions for Issue 19: Shame

deadline: October 31, 2022
released: January 2023

The pit in your stomach. The fear of being seen. The guilt. The contempt. When we look inward and decide we don’t like what we see, how do we cope? Where is that feeling coming from? Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we decide it makes us wrong, or bad, or unloveable—as a person? In issue 19, we explore the complex, painful, and transformative (for better or worse) power of an emotion so deep-rooted it can be all-encompassing, but so challenging it can be pushed into the recesses of our minds and bodies: Shame

We accept:

Writing: poetry, personal essays, fictional stories, interview proposals.

Visual Art: photography, illustration, art, typography.

Have an idea for a submission not listed above? Send us an email with your proposal, we’re eager to read it.

Before submitting, please read our COMMUNITY GUIDELINES.

We welcome (and encourage) people of all diverse experiences, abilities and communities to submit their work. Your voice is important, and we would like to support it. The more voices we hear, the more we can learn from one another.

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Submission Guidelines

1. Please title your email submissions using the following: "FEELS Submission - Issue ___ - [Your name as it should appear in the issue if accepted] - Title of Submission"

2. If submitting a collection of works, please submit all in one email with the name of the collection as the title.

3. If submitting multiple separate works for the same issue, please submit each individually.

4. Art submissions: FEELS is 7.5" x 9.5" with a 0.125" bleed. Please be advised that we will recolour or ask you to recolour your artwork as we print in specific risograph ink colours.

5. Longform written submissions: the maximum word count for submissions is 1200 words. Please submit as a word document or using Google Docs. 

6. Please indicate in the body of your email the country you are submitting from, as we publish a majority Canadian content as a Canadian publication, but do include global contributors as well. 

Please send all submissions to If you do not receive a reply to your email confirming it has reached us, please follow up with our main email,

We kindly request submissions are limited to one or two works due to the high volume of submissions we receive, and please have patience with us in responding to new emails--we promise to reply to each and every one.

Please note: Feels is a labour of love, community-based project that does not turn a profit, so unfortunately we aren't able to offer monetary compensation at this time. All our writers and artists volunteer their time and work to us and we understand that sometimes that model doesn't work for everyone. We believe in fair and equal work for all and are hoping to rectify this in the future if we are able to receive grant funding.