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Let’s get sexy! In a world with a lot going on, sometimes we just gotta take the time to feel good about ourselves, for ourselves, and on our own terms. How do we push back against what we are told is and isn’t “sexy” and figure out what turns us on? Issue 18 explores how we get to a place of seeing ourselves as worthy and desirable, how sexiness can empower us, how we celebrate it, and how we express ourselves as the sensual, gorgeous creatures we are. ⁠

Photo Booth nudes, accessible lingerie, stolen moments alone to really feel yourself, the comedy of sexual encounters, yearning, changing bodies, the intrinsic sexiness of self-love. Interviews with Anna Fitzpatrick on her novel Good Girl and Ljudmila Petrovic and Daniel Oommen from Allura Sex Therapy Centre.


Abby Nowakowski, AJ Lorel, Beck Jones, Braden Alexander, cait thomson, Daphne Fay Boxill, Deanna Armenti, Emma Loomis, Emma Rhodes, Eva Lynch-Comer, Fidelia Schlegl, Jocelyn Anderson, Jonathan Virginia Green, Josh Dixon, Julia Barczewska, Kamilah Valentin Diaz, Madeleine Lychek, Monika Madrak, Nicolae Negura, Olga Przytula, Rachel Kirstein, Raychelle Heath, Reina Davis, Samantha Williams, Sho Ritco + Danya Gorodetsky, Sierra Iverson, Taylor Yingshi, Winona So + many anonymous contributors.

Cover illustration by Nicolae Negura.

• 60 pages
• 7.5" wide by 9.5" tall
• four colour risograph print
• saddle-stitch binding