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the impulse to travel. If we dig a little deeper, what is the catalyst for exploration? Is it the leaving or the arriving? Is it the search for something new, or for something familiar? Through what lens are we seeing the road ahead? Issue 05 explores the journeys we take, the reasons we take them, and the learning that happens along the way.

Aaron Manczyk, Frank Turner, Theo Wong, Maia Boakye, Chloe Hill, Emily Hines, Megan Joyce, Miguel Garcia, Holly Edwards, Amelia Best, EA Douglas, Ryan Stewart, Grace Batista, Rebekah Maurice, Rebecca Leach, Lindsay Rosset, Sophie Berg, Lisa Pradhan, Jared Durelle, Colleen Conroy, Christopher Manousos, Spencer Folkins, Anu Randhawa, Anjie Beltran, Julia Hawthornthwaite, Amanda Caswell, Jean-Phillipe Allamby, Lauren Kenney, Jason Patrick Anderson, Erin Pehlivan, Jessica Felicity Kasiama, D Carey, The Wanderly (Sarah Gelfand & Katie Nicholson).

• 60 pages
• 7.5" wide by 9.5" tall
• full colour print
• saddle-stitch binding