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How does one describe a feeling so universal, yet so deeply personal? And what can we learn from others’ experiences with something that is both ubiquitous and isolating? In this issue, we share the realities of feeling lovesick - how it manifests, how we cope, and the wisdom we can gain from it. In doing so, we hope to find the beauty buried underneath.

Being “lovesick” means different things for different people. It can be the dark feelings that come with the end of a relationship, the pull we feel when we first meet someone and immediately want them in our lives, or the dull despair that comes when we just can’t seem to get what we want. Lovesickness can also appear in other relationships beyond romantic love or lust. This issue is filled with original personal essays, poetry, short fiction, typography, and illustrations exploring the topic of lovesickness is its many forms.

Zoe Bowman, Jenny Chen, Nicolette Daskalakis, Busra Erkara, Lauren Kenney, Laura Filas, Salem Kahsai, Jessy Kitchen, Erin Klassen, Rachael Meckling, Sybyahnah Nemirovsky, Anna Ness, Altaira Northe, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Derek Robertson, Sarah Ulicny, Maxine Vardy. 

• 56 pages
• 7.5" wide by 9.5" tall
• full-colour and black & white print
• saddle-stitch binding