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Safety is something we all need, want, and deserve to feel, yet may not always be our reality. When we dig in, what does feeling safe truly mean for us? What is needed to feel secure? In Issue 14, we explore the personal and structural obstacles to feeling safe, the journeys we have taken in search of security, and what we do once we find it.

This issue comes with a bonus 8x10 foldout poster inside!


Ella Caitlin, Eva Dominelli, Loreto Duran, B. Elae, Jess Elias, Emi & the Veggies, The Fandangoe Kid, Emily George, Madi Giovina, Lara Haworth, Vivi Maidanik, Victoria Mbabazi, Carrie McManus, Zach Murphy, Sophie Parisi, Penny Park, Tashana Poblete, Kelly Stevenson, Cait Thomson, Kat Tzingounakis, Sarah Vardy, Elizabeth Weisz, Sapphire Woods + many anonymous contributors.

• 56 pages
• 7.5" wide by 9.5" tall
• three colour risograph print
• saddle-stitch binding