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What does it mean to truly feel joy? How do we define it in a culture that monetizes surface level positivity and promotes unrealistic versions of happiness? With all of our pressures, responsibilities, traumas, and fears, how do we find moments where we can truly let go and exist in bliss? In issue 16, we explore how we arrive at moments of real delight, what they feel like, and our individual understanding of what really makes us feel joy.

In this issue we present mania manifesting as joy; a 92nd birthday party in photos; choosing to make time for happiness instead of waiting for it to come; an interview about Black joy; children at play; and much more.

Alyssa Bertram, Simran Bhakta, Vridhhi Chaudhry, Frijke Coumans, Efehan Elbi, Dr. Frederick Engram, Liza Friedman, Emily George, Izosceles, Chloe Labian, Mariah, Angela Masker, Reagan Mulvey, Karen Sadler, L. Thomas, Vale Warren, Stephanie Woodward, Wynny, K Zimmer + many anonymous contributors.

• 44 pages
• 7.5" wide by 9.5" tall
• four colour risograph print
• saddle-stitch binding