Body Love

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We walk through life inside our bodies, with all of their complexities, quirks, strengths, and differences. How do the bodies we inhabit make us feel? In Issue 03, we hear from many people on their experiences with their bodies — the hardships, the achievements, the values and the choices they make with and for them. We seek to open a dialogue into the complicated topic of body love and acknowledge the struggle we face on our journey to accepting our bodies. We embrace the idea that it’s okay to be a work in progress.

Amanda Scriver, Amber Sudholz, Ashley Burk, Breton Lalama, Caitlin K. Roberts, Camille Valbusa, Carola Marin, Dayna Winter, Derek Robertson, Hannah Kaplan, Jocelyn Murphy, Katarina Young, Lisa Terry, Lotte de Schouwer, Lucy White, Maegan Fidelino, Maia Boakye, Miranda Hoeferson, Miranda Jill Millen, Nakate Kakembo, Pamela Porter, Sarah Sickles, Sonja Seiler, Tom Henheffer, Vasiliki Marapas, Yahn Nemirovsky.

• 60 pages
• 7.5" wide by 9.5" tall
• full colour print
• saddle-stitch binding